Kind Words
from customers

When customers tell me how pleased they are, their kind words make my day! Here are some words from our customers:

Apprenticeship Clinics

I have worked with many excellent instructors over the years, and none of them taught me the practical, useful things you are teaching. I am so excited to be learning this stuff!    Mary Lou E., Wilkes Barre, PA

Kathy, you make it easy to learn and you have great people skills. Other clinicians made us tense and grumpy. We had fun here and it helped our horses.   Karen B.,  Harwinton, CT

I really appreciated the flexible format of the Apprenticeship. We covered the things I had in mind, but were also able to add other requests as they came up. The pace was good and everything was discussed in a professional, yet understandable manner. The facility is beautiful, safe, peaceful and meticulously clean!   Barbara W., LeRaysville, PA

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to show me how to safely train my horse, Mosey, and helping me gain confidence in my knowledge and riding ability.  I had a wonderful time at my Apprenticeship and feel like I learned so much from you. I plan to continue on my journey with all that you taught me.   Jo-Ann T., Fallston, MD

I know you must hear this a lot...but let me just say one more time - - you are a phenomenal horse trainer who also has a gift for teaching people.  Those two things don't always go together, so it makes you extra special.  Thanks for all your guidance and encouragement.   Susie C., Hinckley, OH

These training methods work and it’s so much fun!   Dave B.,  Harwinton, CT

Dave practices leading manners in the water.

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Trailer Loading

I am thrilled that my horse learned to load successfully after his traumatic experience of nearly being killed in a trailer. That was worth the whole Apprenticeship for me. I knew if anyone could get my horse over his fear of the trailer, it was you. You have a calmness about you and you are very kind, yet you make them listen. I didn’t think my horse would ever go in a trailer willingly and now I can even load him myself! Thank you!   Evie A., Towanda, PA

Evie loads her horse calmly into the trailer

I just had to tell you that using the loading lesson you taught us, I led Sebastian right up to the back of the trailer and in he went! He backed out once, was tapped again and went in to stay. No muss, no fuss. Perfecto! He was very calm.” (Note from Kathy: This was a horse who, before we met, would produce instant diarrhea and sweat to a lather every time he got near trailer.)   Marion S., Selinsgrove, PA

Six people tried to load our horse, Buffy in the trailer. Kathy was the only one who could! Plus Buffy was calm the whole time!   Ryan W., Milton, PA

Trainer Program

The Trainer Program was amazing! One of the best decisions I have ever made. I loved all of the learning and gaining my confidence was a HUGE deal for me!   Cassie S., Williamstown, NJ

To someone inquiring about the Trainer Program: Kathy’s great and you need to do it!   Cathy M., Waynesboro, PA

I came to learn how to train horses and I learned much more than I expected. I would highly recommend the Trainer Program.   Carrie C., Bryan, TX

My classmates and I all talked about how much we learned in the Trainer Program. It was wonderful!   Angie F., Lexington, TN

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This and That

Kathy is generous and highly professional.    Eliza P., Williamsport, PA

I’ve studied with many clinicians and none of them gave me the practical, useful information that Kathy does. Her approach of looking at it from the horse’s perspective was extremely helpful to me.    Pat B., Erie, PA

I almost cried it worked so well. My horse’s attitude is completely different and much better.     Pam R. Muncy, PA

Words can not describe how much I needed and enjoyed that beautiful week with everyone. I now have tools that will help me help my horse.  It was a dream come true. Kathy, you made our dreams come true.     Debbie G., Pottsville, PA

You are an absolute delight and breath of fresh air!  Thank you for your time today with me and my horse.   Jen H., Millville, PA  

Even the short time you spent with us and our horses changed the entire dynamic of our relationship for the better, and that has made these last several years with our horses infinitely happier.    Jill D., Mansfield, OH

I am so, so, deeply grateful for all the help you've given me over the past year, starting with that amazing water crossing!  I've enjoyed every one of our lessons and learned so much.  You have a teaching gift--I'm so glad you use it, and I've been delighted to benefit from it.    Eliza P., State College, PA

I thought I couldn’t and my horse wouldn’t. You showed us we can!   Mary H., Shickshinny, PA

My horse, Gus and I have benefited so much from your wonderful training. We’re gonna be your students for quite some time because there’s so much more we want to learn from you. You’re one of the very few people I feel totally comfortable putting Gus in their hands. I always enjoy training with you. You make it so fun and fulfilling!   Mindy P., Bloomsburg, PA

Kathy runs a great clinic.  I'd say, give it a go.   Carol O., Gainesville, TX

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