One Week Apprenticeship Clinic

Take a “training vacation” with your horse at our most popular program!

When we started having these One Week Apprenticeships, my plan was to group folks together according to their experience or needs. For example, all the people with spooking horses could come the same week.

But people’s schedules didn’t allow that and so they just came when they could get time off work, or whenever it was convenient for them.

We ended up “mixing” students and it worked out really well – far better that I expected. The only mix I won’t do is to put one beginner into a group of experienced horse owners. I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated.

I train by priority.

1. Safety. You can’t enjoy your horse if you are hurt or worse, afraid. So first we tackle anything the horse does that could get you hurt such as bucking, bolting, spooking, biting and any other dangerous habit.

2. Control. Then we work on speed control, turning, stopping, etc.

3. Fun stuff. That’s teaching tricks, precise performance maneuvers and other “non-essential but cool" stuff.

Professional trainer or beginner, you’ll get lots more “tools in your training toolbox.”




Won’t load?

Won’t stop?

Won’t stand still for you to get on?

Wish he knew more?

You can fix all that and more, surrounded by about 4 friends (or they likely will be friends by the end of the week) doing the same with their horses.

Not sure what your horse will do? Learn to “read” him like a book (a horse book, of course!). You’ll know what he’s thinking. Learn how to “stop the thought” before it becomes an action.

• How to tell if it’s safe to mount

• Is your horse just being a brat, or does he have a good reason for saying “no”?

• Teach him to lead without dragging you to the nearest grass

If you want to improve these areas with your horse, choose the date you like and register for an Apprenticeship.

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