Kind Words 2
More of the kind words customers say

When customers tell me how pleased they are, it makes my day to hear their kind words. Here are more words from our customers.

Fearful Riders

I enjoyed my lesson yesterday and have less “fear and anxiety” about riding. I appreciate your patience and professionalism. Thank you for putting a spark back into my horse world. My confidence continues to grow.   Jackie S., Benton, PA

Kathy has soft hands, a big heart, and determination that cannot be stopped.  For me personally, finding the strength and confidence I needed to ride and drive horses again after crashes (yep - plural!) started with Kathy telling me that many people had many of the same feelings - and then she gave met the greatest gift of all - faith in myself by helping me have a well-trained horse.   She gave me tools I could use and taught me in language I could understand and all with a way that never made me feel small or stupid or unable. She built me up at every turn.    Tracey M., Lockport, NY

Tracey confidently riding her mare, Molly.

Scared Horses

Thank you for teaching Edwin how to be brave! …  Edwin can control the fear and not the fear controlling him now. You have given him the opportunity to live life in peace. I can sit on his back now and enjoy the view!   Diane C., Bloomsburg, PA

Edwin learns to be brave.

Problem Horses

I went for ride last night it was wonderful! My “problem child” horse was so good. It was a very comfortable ride - not tug a war. Thank you for making this possible!    Holly W., Milton, PA

I am AMAZED at how much we both learned and retained from our session with you. I can't even come up with the words to express my thanks....already, I feel like I'm working with a different horse. My husband has been watching us, and he can't believe the difference! Again, I can't thank you enough for the difference you've made. It's really quite miraculous!   L. B., Washingtonville, PA

Unbroke Horses

I so appreciate all your help with me and our horses, especially our unbroke Chincoteague pony. Your methods make so much sense!   Roberta S., Bloomsburg, PA

Roberta started her horse under saddle with Kathy's help and enjoyed the bonding experience of being her Chincoteague filly's first rider.

The End!

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