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to all of my marvelous customers!

For 42 years I have been privileged to work with so many incredible horse people and their horses. I have been blessed beyond measure to be able to do what I love. Now it’s time to retire and spend more time with my own horses, take them camping and explore all those lovely places I’ve heard about for years.

When not exploring new trails, I will continue to be available for training consults.


Rein kits, lariats and lots of other things are on sale now for HALF PRICE!

SURPRISES - Yep, there are some surprises, such as a life-size plastic horse head ($25.00) for displaying bridles, teaching, demonstrating or lots of other uses. There are expo display items, brochure holders, etc.

There will be a listing of sale items soon. Better yet, stop by and check it all out in person!

Right Now - 2022

Feel free to look around and read the encouraging articles on the site - it’s here for you.

If you would like a bit of advice or just want to say hello, please give me a call or email.  I’d love to hear from you!

Horse training isn’t rocket science.

Think horse training takes years to master, daily training time and complicated cues? WRONG!

photo of Kathy Huggins and horse

Quickly learn these simple methods with Kathy Huggins, John Lyons Certified Trainer, guiding you every step of the way. See big improvements in your horse, often faster than you thought possible.

And the best part is, it’s YOU building the relationship with your horse, not some other trainer. YOU get to reap the benefits for years to come, every moment you spend with your horse. Go home after a clinic and train other horses because now you know how!

Which rider are you?

• Had a scary experience with your horse and want to regain the confidence you once had?

• Have an older, trained horse with “issues”?

• Getting back into horses after years away and want to get (re)started right?

• Bought a young or green horse you want to train yourself and you’re not sure where to start and “don’t want to mess him up”?

• Doing OK with your horse but want to move forward with topics such as sidepassing, tricks or advanced performance maneuvers?

We can help with these topics and more. Whether it’s a green horse, Mustang or gaited horse, we’ve done it. And quite successfully, to hear our clients tell it.

Get training tips for free, plus different styles of clinics to suit your needs. If you want a career training or just to learn the most for your own horses, you want our Trainer Certificate Program.

Let’s get started making your horse training dreams come true!

And yes, there will be pictures - lots of them - coming soon!

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Certification for Horse Training with Kathy Huggins
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There is plenty of great lodging available near Millville, PA convenient to Cedar Creek Training Stables.
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When customers tell me how pleased they are, it makes my day to hear their kind words. Here are some words from our customers.
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When customers tell me how pleased they are, it makes my day to hear their kind words. Here are more words from our customers.
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