Trail Riding Clinic

Want to enjoy a nice relaxing trail ride with your best buddy, your horse? Then this Trail Riding Clinic is for you. There are some beautiful trails out there, let’s get going!

It’s a lot safer and more fun if you know what to always do and what to definitely avoid. And how to handle common, but tricky, situations.

We are devoting this apprenticeship just to trail riding. We’ll cover lots of useful topics (see below) and we’ll get out on some rides in various locations so you can practice what you learned.

For this clinic, we ask that you bring a horse who is ready to ride on trails. If you have an unbroke or problem horse, please bring him to another apprenticeship to deal with those issues. If you are not sure if your horse is suitable for this clinic, please contact us.

Below is a sample of the topics we plan to cover:

- When is traction too much of a good thing?

- Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Things you run into on trails and how to handle them.

- Dealing with different types of footing

- Swimming with your horse (optional)

- Handling cars and other traffic

- How to ride a hill, or is it too steep?

- When your horse spooks (and he will, sometime)

- Emergency dismounting - when and how to use it

- Techniques for crossing water

If you would like a packet to sign up for this fun clinic, please contact us.

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