What is a Refresher Clinic?

It’s a clinic designed to help you progress even further in your horse training. You’ve been to at least one Apprenticeship, so you know the basics plus quite a bit more.

Now you can keep going with a Refresher or choose another Apprenticeship. (Lots of our clients attend between 2 and 11 Apprenticeship Clinics. They just love to keep learning!)

Every clinic, Refresher or Apprenticeship, is different because each is designed precisely for the students and horses in that class. Both will give you plenty of new and useful training.

One Week Refresher Clinic

If you’ve been here before, this One Week Refresher is for you. You’ll get another big boost to your training and meet more great horse friends. You’ll fine-tune topics you learned at your last Apprenticeship and advance to a higher level with plenty of new training topics.

And as always, we’ll use the safe, proven and simple John Lyons training methods.

2 Day Refresher

Don’t have a whole week? Do a Refresher weekend!

Well, it’s a long weekend. Bring your horse in Thursday evening and enjoy a Potluck Dinner while you get to know other students.

Then Friday and Saturday we'll jump right in and learn new and exciting things, plus refine what you learned in previous classes.

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