Photos and Testimonials from the Trainer Program

Comments from Trainer Program students:

“Doing the Kathy Huggins Trainer Program was one of the best decisions of my life.”

“In the Trainer Program, I was able to greatly expand my knowledge and experience.”

“The Kathy Huggins Trainer Program is absolutely a good value for the money.”

More comments from students:

“I really liked the small class and individual attention in the Trainer Program.”

“The Trainer Program was just great! I learned so many amazing things about training and got better relationships with my horses.”

“It was fun and cool to discover how much I could move the horse’s body parts to achieve certain performance maneuvers.”

“At the Trainer Program, I learned to overcome my fear, but also learned it’s OK to be afraid and how to manage my fear as I train horses.”

“In a short time at Kathy’s Trainer Program, I taught my horse to do cool performance maneuvers that I never thought he could do!”

“I learned if I taught the horse the correct steps, he could get things right the very first time I ask, instead of my having to correct him.”

"I was amazed to discover safe ways to load a horse in a trailer even if you can't touch him!"

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