Musings of Gold....

by Tracey Merrett

These are the thoughts Tracey believes her 22 year old Thoroughbred, Saint, would record if he were trying to tell about his life on her farm. And the same thoughts apply to Tracey!

I don’t really feel old, though the years have ticked away. A gray hair here, another there. Joints can feel a bit stiff. Eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be. Hearing isn’t so good either – but adequate for what I need. My back curves differently now and the pounds are surely distributed in different places than when I was young. There are many things about my shape and condition that tattle on my years. So I try to look on the positive side in these, my “golden years”. I know more than I did as a youngster. My experiences have served me well. For example, I recognize a good opportunity when I see one. I understand that looks can be deceiving. I am not frightened by the unfamiliar. I know who I can trust. I know who I am.

I have a better sense of humor and I am more tolerant of differences among others. I have a more mellow disposition and I enjoy the simple things in life. I savor good food and I don’t like to rush. I appreciate a good ride with friends. I like to watch the seasons change and a little rain doesn’t hurt anybody!

Tracey and 22 year old Saint share a warm moment in the sun. Beauty seems to be more bountiful and I see evidence of God at every turn. I like to think my buddies know me for who I am rather than for what I have or how I look. My idea of a great afternoon is one that lets me appreciate my world and see the glory around me as if it is the best day of my life. A nap in the sun is surely no waste of time – one that lets you stretch at least three times before getting up and one that leaves the smell of clover and wildflowers in your hair.

Walking casually is not boring like I used to think. I don’t have to run to get from one place to another – you miss too much when you are going full speed ahead. Not that a good dash doesn’t serve to get the heart pumping – but I can now do it just for the fun of it – not because somebody pushed me or dared me or because I had no extra time. Nature is more of a foundation in my world. It is not a side attraction. If only I could know what I know now but have a younger body! There would be no stopping me. There is no doubt, I show some wear – but I have love and life and experiences to share.

Copyright © 2009 Tracey Merrett

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